Best Day EVER!

Oh, yes…it is true.

Today is the BEST DAY EVER!!

I mean, the day I married my true love, gave birth to my children and even the day that I bought my 100th journal all pale in the glory of this…my BEST DAY EVER!!

Why? is the question on every mind right now, I know…and so I shall share it with you!!

I just checked my Spam folder and (if you add up all the emails), it would seem that I am the winner of over 1.6 million dollars from all kind of foreign banks AND from my long lost Iraqi uncle (no joke…the kind nurse lady who has been caring for him all these years found his secret will and if I send her my bank account number, she will send me a pic and a check!!).

So yea…I am sittin’ pretty today!


(…for those of you who may not know me very well…I am NOT really thinking I won anything. I know it is a scam to get my personal info…although I am veeeery tempted by the notion that I have roots from a desert country buried within my whiter-than-milk, no-really-it-will-blind-you-white skin. Yes…I am little too much like SpongeBob sometimes…but people like me…  I think.)

Looking up, while chuckling to myself, as always…


8 thoughts on “Best Day EVER!”

  1. Your little smooch over at Seedlings made me smile. If you submitted your info at HCB, no worries, you're in. (Besides, didn't I invite you 😉 Anyway, you can participate there and if you haven't been already you'll soon be added to our feeds/blog list.Happy to have you with us!

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