Alicia, High Calling Blog Prompt

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2

An author pal of mine, made thru this wonderful blessing called the Internet, posted a blog that made me stop and think…and as the grin spread across my face, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and have some fun. The idea is to take the “12 Days of Christmas” to a new level…to use it to inspire and draw attention to 12 other bloggers, as a simple gift of praise for who they are. Want to know more about all this? Pop on over to High Calling Blogs by clicking on this button:

Christmas Badge

For today’s introduction, I would like to introduce you to another blogging pal o’mine ~ Alicia.
Her Blog is Life’s A Journey

I first discovered Alicia thru an author’s blog (…patience!! I will introduce you to her later on…).  She had left a comment that got my attention due to its reality, truth and…well, in all honesty, her sharp humor.  I popped over to her place and found her to be open, honest and unafraid to spill it just as she feels it. 

Thru many comments, emails and even (dum da dum dum) text messages over the past few months, I have found her to be a true inspiration as a woman, a lover of God and a devoted mother & wife.  She has a fierce loyalty to those she loves…and those she is passionate for, such as children in need of stable homes and those living thru Christmas with a parent who resides in prison.  And, as if she can get much better, she has an amazing sense of humor that leaves me laughing out loud (really) more often than not…  (Just where did I save that cheerleading picture…???)

I have been both encouraged and uplifted by Alicia’s willingness to pour out the lessons that God places in her path and I know that if you take the time to peer in the window that her blog provides to her heart, you will find a friendly, real and God-hearted woman who will welcome you in to the journey she calls life with a rich, full laugh and a cup of hot cocoa.

A couple of my favorite blogs of hers are: What If… and Without Love?

Until Day 3…I’m looking up as always…


4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: Day 2”

  1. Awww… you make me cry! And perhaps pumped me up a bit too much. 😉 Now I need to get a fresh post up! And believe me when I say (knowing what is going on my post today) that this is going to be humbling. Stay tuned my friend, stay tuned.

  2. hey bina! i've been lazy with my blog roll and as a result, been missing bina like crazy!!!! what a great idea this is with the 12 days of Christmas! I'm going right now to check out Alicia's blog

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