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>Wrapped Up In You

>True to form, I find myself snuggled into bed
my Bible open on my chest…

wrapped up once again in the powerful arms that are His…
my Daddy God. 

I am here now, not out of obligation
or penence for wrongdoings
as I know there is nothing left for me to do…

but I come simply out of a love that runs purely thru my veins…
as thick as blood…
burning as hot as my passion.
The Lord, He is my light and my salvation –
so why am I so full of fear?
He surrounds me like a fortress –
so why can I feel myself trembling even now?
I know with all my heart that when they come,
those who would seek to harm me…
those who would love to see me fall…
when they come against me,
they will be thrown down at my feet
as nothing…as leaves blowing in the wind.
Oh yes, they can surround me all at once,
but I pray, my heart, beat steady within.
Yes, they can march together in a unified attack,
but I pray for a confident stance.
There is only one thought that delights my heart –
only one thing that I seek from the Lord –
I desire, with all that I am, to live within the fortress
of the Lord’s hand all the days of my life.
To delight myself in His perfection
while spending my moments meditating at His feet,
words cannot contain my desire.
My heart speeds at the thought of Him
concealing me there when trouble seeks to find me.
To know that He will defend me by hiding me
within His hand…
on the high rock of His temple…
it leaves me breathtakingly speechless.
When He moves to take my hand,
I hold my head high before those who search for me –
right there, in front of the army,
I offer up simple offerings to my Lord
thru my singing,
my speech
and my praise.
I pray that You hear me, Daddy God…
that You would be merciful and answer me.
I have heard You call to me:
Come and talk with Me
and I have raced my heart up to meet Yours in reply:
Here…here I am, coming even now.”
I lay in my bed,
wrapped up in the knowledge of Him
and I think…
…and I hum the praise song:
“Who am I that You are mindful of me…
that You hear me, when I call?”
The text that is written out in green is my own rewrite of Psalm 27, verses 1-8.
***Re-writing the Psalms so that they relate to you personally is an amazing way of connecting with both His Word and His heart.  For those of you who have never tried it, I would challenge you to do so…not in an effort to change His Word, but in an effort to find yourself within David’s words. Just look thru his many lyrics and find one that relates to where you find yourself now. 
Once you have one, take each line and rewrite it to speak for you…for your pain, your passions and your heart.  An example is that “enemy” may become satan or a specific person who is hurting you. Go line by line until you have reached the end…and then go back and re-read your own personal Psalm as a prayer, lifted up from your own heart to His. 
Let me know if you have questions…and for sure let me know how it works for you, as I have always found this an incredibly powerful way to reconnect with Him, no matter what is going on!
Humming “I Am A Friend Of God” in my mind while looking up as always…


11 thoughts on “>Wrapped Up In You”

  1. >Beautiful words once again dear Bina. You know, when I first heard that song, "I Am a Friend of God," I thought, the audacity to say such a thing, we as unworthy folk. But then, as it was sung I realized, that's exactly what we are. Amazing, isn't it?

  2. >Well done. Wonderful to make it personal, just how God intends, personal. Sounds like we enjoy some of the same praise and worship songs. I love it when one of those gets stuck in my head instead of the theme song from Handy Manny.BTW have you heard of a musician named Jimmy Needham? He writes the most interesting, creative lyrics about God, plays guitar, and has a unique voice. You might enjoy him.

  3. >I love the idea of rewriting the Psalms in my own words. I do that as I pray the Psalms, but I don't think I've rewritten one yet. Thank you for sharing your heart. It's refreshing!Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm behind on visiting blogs. Happy Sunday!

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