>Be a Twillypop!

>Scratching your head at that one?  ha ha GOOD!!

There is a great lady on the blogger who literally wears her heart on a string…of ribbon.  She is hosting her very first giveaway on her blog and I just want to help send some traffic her direction.  You won’t be sorry – as her stuff is amazing – and you get a chance to win a beautiful handmade necklace aaaand you will have the crafted piece named after you. I know right??

So please…take a moment to pop on over to get in on the fun by clicking here: Sara’s place. Enter to win and take a peek in her online store. The two pieces I have posted here are my personal faves…the Melonie and the Betsy.

And hey…for the chance to be a Twillypop, methinks it worth the time 🙂

Looking up as always…


5 thoughts on “>Be a Twillypop!”

  1. >You are toooo much! thank you so much! I love Bina's Bling….I will probably make one no matter what the outcome of the giveaway….careful what you wish for…

  2. >I've come across Sara/Twillypop once before [I don't remember the connection, maybe it was you] and I love her stuff. I just joined and followed – true to form because I trust your taste. Thanks for bringing her back to the light. Her necklaces are fun and beautiful.

  3. >Miss Wendy, you are most welcome!Dale, glad you found her again. I would agree with you about her work – much fun and beauty! Good luck to you both.Aw, Sara, you are beautiful! Glad I could help in any small way…and as for Bina's Bling, kinda catchy, yes??? Ha ha, but really…you honor me! 🙂

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