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>The Joy Is In The Little Things

>It is little things like this that make up for the fact that, as a mom, I get no financial rewards…no sick time…no paid time off… 

It is little things like this that warm up my heart on days like today, when I am still in bed.

It is little things like this make all the frustrations and the tears somehow…worth it.

Dear Mom,
I hope you get well soon, I really like it when you are not sick, because you can be really happy, and not feeling sad. I hope you can get well tomorow, so I can see your wounderfull smile, and your cheerfull face! I wouldent feel good if I never see you smile again.  I hope you can sleep well tonight! Just to remind you, you are the best mom in the whole wold, and I love you so much.
love, Joseph

I highly doubt they know how much these little things mean to a mommy heart…but it is little things like this that make me think, for even just a moment, I have done something right.

Looking up as always…


14 thoughts on “>The Joy Is In The Little Things”

  1. >Oh my goodness, that is so sweet. What a blessing!!! You are well loved, Bina!!I'm praying for the healthy angel to sprinkle good health all over you and your family, so they don't catch what you're fighting.

  2. >hi bina..sorry to hear you're not feeling well. these are the moments i cling to as a stay at home, homeschooling mom. my kids have blessed my heart in more ways than i can count…..thanks for sharing

  3. >Thank you all for your kind words…First of all, I think my son is the best alive…but I am sure that most of you would try to argue that point, so I will concede that he is the best son alive for ME. :)Second, I am feeling ever so much better tonight…as I should after having three days straight laying in bed, or so my hubby says. ha haMuch love to you all tonight!Bina

  4. >How precious. You're right–it's the little things that keep us going…especially on those days when we're sick or want to pull our hair out for a hundred different reasons. I hope you feel better soon.

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