Grace Gifts

>Grace Gifts, Week 6


In my “middle-of-the-week-of-this-crazed-hyperactivity-that-is-my-life” tradition, I lay out the things that I see each day that I know are gifts from God…soft, sweet kisses to my cheeks.
If you want more info on what this is, where I got the idea from or why I am doing it, you should start with my first post on Grace Gifts here.

I am comletely worn out from what seems to be the flu…have been down since yesterday…but, being the stubborn girl that I am…I will not miss out on the chance to count my many blessings…my chance to name them one by one.  However, I must admit my inability to count as I usually would as that would just take way too much thought.  Once I am done rambling off the things that have struck my heart as beautiful over this last week, I will count them up…and hopefully my math will be stronger than my blurred mind. 🙂

And away I go….

Fall’s beauties
Shopping for costumes with my mominlove
gentle breezes
I love you, Mama”
Warm hugs
Last minute lunches with my husband

Knowing the kids love me even tho I am cranky….shhh!
Cold sodas

Getting to stay in bed when sick because my husband took care of dinner
and the kids
and the house
and me
The rustling of the trees as they sway in praise and worship

Warm covers
a laptop and wireless internet access
…as getting out of bed is too hard

having to repeat myself 1,000 times to the boy
…cuz at least he wants my answer
friends on the blog who are willing to reach out to me
friends in real life who love me despite….

God Moments



My faithful Father above
* who meets me in the tub as I cry simply because I’m too sick to think straight
* who colors in pure beauty and takes my breath away
* who never fails to encourage
* who uses those in my life to hold, strength and uplift me when I am too tired to try
* who is all that I am not capable of being
* who challenges me to actually be all that I am to be…
…and there they are…my Grace Gifts…numbers 61 thru 88….

holy experience

They are simple…some make me laugh and some make me take a deep breath…but all are lovely and pure…all are excellent and true…all are real. They are the blessings that make up my life…they are my the physical showing of grace from God’s hand….and they cause my cup to run over!
What are yours?

Listening to the forceful California winds while looking up as always…


7 thoughts on “>Grace Gifts, Week 6”

  1. >My husband's been taking care of things here for me too. Sickness does have its benefits….. Love your thankful lists, so random and whimsical. :O)

  2. >I hope you start feeling better! But I am really happy to hear your family is picking up the slack and catering to Mom. We need it too sometimes.I love your spirit of gratefulness!

  3. >My favorite of your list is meeting with God in the tub as you cry. Ugh. How is it that with a big house, we women end up crying in the tub because it's the only place we can get alone from our children's needs? I pray for you healing from this flu. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't see how you do it with 5. I'm struggling to do my paying job at night and take care of 3 kids during the day.

  4. >"My faithful Father above* who meets me in the tub as I cry simply because I'm too sick to think straight* who colors in pure beauty and takes my breath away"THIS took MY breath away……beautiful!

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