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Just to show those of you who stop by that I am not always deeply introspective, I take a moment to speak of something more fun and upbeat, yet still very much me! 🙂

For those aren’t familiar with Revolve, it is a Christian event geared towards girls aged 11-19.  It is usually at a large arena and thousands of girls, moms and youth leaders attend it.  This year, our event was in Ontario, CA…and God was kind enough to plan things out so I could attend with my three older girls (usually it falls on the same weekend as our church retreat). 

In order to not have to pay to attend (that’s right. My favorite two words: Fah Ree), I signed up with a few buddies (my mom-in-love Susan and Kim) to work the event as salespeople and in exchange, we got free tickets to the show for our children.

We got there at 4pm on Friday for training…the doors opened at 5:30 and we worked our tails off until 10.  We went to our hotel room and didn’t get to sleep till almost 1am (it was two adults (me and my bud Kim) and 5 teenaged girls…ya…I know).  The alarm went off at 6am (and am pretty sure that I threw my phone as I said “are you KIDDING?!?!” in a very non-Christian, non-servant kind of way…luckily Kim was showering and the girls were too out of it to hear my melt-down moment) and we were back, ready to work at 7:45.  We then worked thru till 430pm…and then I came home and died from being on my feet that long.

Here is a little taste of our weekend:

…in the car, on the way there…my three girls with my Kim’s daughter, Skylar (bottom left)
…Yes it IS October…
…before the lights went down…
…after the lights went down!  It was SOOOO loud, but amazing
to hear all those girls praise and scream for God!
…the sales table that we manned…yup, there’s me…the selling queen…
…ready for bed…
…one reason why we didn’t sleep till 1am…
“Mom.  My blanket is stuck to my brackets!!”
…this would be me, post-phone-throwing-breakdown, but pre-let’s-go-sell-smile…
…our Revolve Team Lead, Ryan with my mom-in-love, me and Kimmie!
…my feet, in the sheer bliss of being not stood on as we made our way home…
If you stuck it out through all those pics and are still reading, I would highly recommend you looking into the Revolve Tour for your own daughters, nieces or youth girlies.  It will go around the US again the spring of 2011 and it is a wonderful event for the young ladies as it deals with the pressures and worries of girls today in a Christ-centered, fun-loving, ear-splintering way that reaches their hearts for God and His love.  (If you are interested in volunteering as I did, look for a Volunteer link on their website here…)  They had comedy, boy bands and handsome speakers…they had glow in the dark merch…and they had tables FULL of great reading material.  How can one go wrong with THAT when it is all tied up with a message of salvation that leads over 500 girls to accept Christ as their personal Savior?!?!
My girls, who are all completely different in how they view the world and how they process information, were so happy to have gone and are already making plans for next’s years hotel room. *smile*
Question: How can a mom really complain about sore feet when she knows that her daughter’s were fed with Christ’s love?
Answer: I can’t and still be sincere. 
If you hear me say how tired I am, one glance at my face will discover a contented smile that radiates up from my mama heart.  I was exhausted, that is for sure, but when I know my babies got to sit at God’s feet in a way that reaches their hearts, I can’t help but feel at peace with the world, even if only for this moment.
Listening to memories of 3000+ girls screeching for Jesus while looking up as always…


6 thoughts on “Revolve”

  1. That sounds like such a great event for young gals! I'll have to check out the website to see if it'll be coming anywhere near my area!

  2. You said it, when your girls have been fed with Christ's love, who are you to complain of sore and tired feet. (well, human, that's who, and that's okay!) Glad your trip went well and that you survived on a few short hours of sleep!

  3. Love the pics and how honest you are about the hard work. But well worth every tired muscle and bloodshot eye. (did that with my kids-wouldn't trade it for the world.)

    Great how they want to go back! I love the "mom-in-love." God bless.

  4. Cool! I wrote on my blog about the same conference. We had to come THROUGH the LA to make it out there…but 3 hours of packed traffic didn't get our spirits down.

  5. Awesome! Our church has a similar event at It's for teens, but yours sounds awesome! I've volunteered at ours and was 9-9 for 3 days. Tiring but so worth it! :O)

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