You Know You Wanna…

…win in a free book! 
Ah, the magical two words: Fah Reee 🙂
That’s right!  I am going to do a little giveaway of my own!

The rules are simple:

~ Leave a comment on this blog telling me what your favorite book of all time is AND why you cherish that book as you do. (*I have edited this sentence from the original post as it made it seem as tho I wanted you to vote on a book that I am giving away.  Ya, I confuse even myself at times…is how I roll! 🙂 Diane and Karen…your comments are fine as they stand…but if you want to re-comment and tell me the answer to THIS question, I am all ears! Hugs!!*)

~ You get one extra entry if you post about this giveaway on your blog. 
Leave the url in your comment.

The bonus??  You have two chances to win because there are two seperate books:

Book 1 and Book 2
All you have to is enter!!

Both books are brand new and unread…and both are full of fun tidbits.

This contest will run until 8pm PST Thursday night (10/15).
The winners will be chosen by Random Kid Method ~
… meaning that one of my kids will pull two names from a bowl…
…Happy Commenting…
Looking up as always…

6 thoughts on “You Know You Wanna…”

  1. Both sound great! Thanks for the opportunity. I think I am having a give away next week and November 2nd. I know…. I'm just wild and crazy like that! :O)

  2. Diane…OOOOOOOOO!! Can't wait to see what is up for grabs cuz you KNOW I will be there with bells on! 🙂

    Karen…I love the chances that get put up to win and I thought why not let other people have some fun too?!?

    Just in case you see an edit above, don't worry…you did nothing wrong in your answers. I wrote the sentence out wrong and didn't proof it! Oooops!

    Good luck to you both!

  3. HOW IN THE HECK DID I MISS THIS?!! Darn sick kids. demanding all of my attention. pulling me away from the computer and such. Heah!(I don't know how to spell the word I want there… how do you spell "ha-* well, if I could spell it to ask I wouldn't need to ask would I?!)
    So, I think you should continue this contest for an extra day or so… can't just have 2 entries! 😉 Just in case you care. My favorite book is… "A Prayer for Owen Meany" Mostly because it got me through the time when my baby was in the hospital for 8 long weeks and it was my escape.

    Okay, go ahead, love your random drawer idea… whereever did you get it?!
    (I totally don't expect to be in the contest as clearly I have missed the deadline, but good grief, how did I miss this?!) I'm done now, and yes, I am a bit of a sore loser!

  4. Ah, my sweet Alicia…
    I did not place restrictions of the number of entries and so, alas, you cannot win a book. BUT I was going thru the closet and found my old cheer skirt. Interested??? 🙂
    I have not read that book – and I didn't know you had a baby in the hospital that long!!! Email a girl, would ya?!?!
    You know that I love you even tho you ARE too twisted for color TV…and as the only other entrant, I have a gift for you. Send me your addy…and it is all yours! (The cheer skirt is just an added bonus.)
    Hugs while I duck your mean glares at the screen,

  5. Glares indeed… however, I want to know how you have an old cheer skirt since YOU clearly never did anything like that! My baby was in the hospital 8 years ago(if I ever finished my nifty fifty you would know already but I am only halfway through that!)… still love the book- ever watch Simon Birch? Same thing, but better of course!
    (I did email you back this morning… check that before harrassing me;) )

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