>Nifty Fifty


I saw this on Michelle’s Blog and decided to steal it from her…a theft I justify with the fact that she nabbed it from someone else. 🙂
The idea is for me to list fifty facts about yours truly…and for you to waste five minutes of your life reading them. 

1.  I love my life…really.
2.  I have a love affair with the phrase “really.”  To the point that I have to physically restrain from saying it now.
3.  God is my best friend.
4.  I love to laugh.
5.  I only like chocolate when I crave it…any other time, I think it gross.
6.  I am a closet Jeff Lewis fan…and right now, I’m praying that you don’t know who he is so you won’t roll your eyes at me.
7.  My favorite pizza is cheese…slightly burnt.
8.  I love watching TV with my husband.
9.  I am deathly afraid of the dark.
10. I hate spiders…really. (Hey…I made it thru a few of these without it.)
11. If you jump out and scare me, I will beat you senseless…without realizing that I am hitting you until you are on the floor, begging for mercy.  Impulse control goes bye bye when afraid.
12. I believe that Sheree is the reason for most of Kim’s fights. (again, hoping you have no idea who I am talking about.)
13. I still watch Jon & Kate + 8…mainly because I love to argue with the hubby over who is “right”.
14. I change my blog backgrounds more often than some people change purses.
15. The sound of my children praying makes my heart smile.
16. God is highly sarcastic with me…in a good way…kind of. HA!
17. I actually DO enjoy reading my Bible.
18. I suffer from migraines.
19. I once thought I only wanted 2 kids…and God laughed at me when I thought it.
20. I am friends with my husband’s ex wife.
21. I lived in Germany for a little than half of my childhood.  Military brat.
22. I have one brother and one sister.
23. My favorite color is blue.
24. I would not be able to write if “…” were ever outlawed.
25. I used to hate my first name but now embrace its originality.
26. I have to have “white noise” in order to sleep…a fan is most preferred.
27. I met my husband on-line even tho we lived only 3 miles from each other at the time.
28. My eyes are sometimes blue and sometimes green, depending on my mood.
29. I hate crying.
30. I detest crying while talking.
31. I am dying to write “really.” after most of these facts.
32. I used to be addicted to prescription pain killers.
33. I am friends with my ex-husband’s ex-wife. 
34. If you are actually still reading this, I think you are amazing.
35. I have been in 8 countries.
36. My idea of camping is a 2 star hotel.
37. I love the sound of my children’s laughter.
38. I feel beautiful when my hubby puts hand on the small of my back.
39. I love to see the words “GEORGE” and “Shhh” written out because I know they are just for me.
40. Among other blessings, I have made a great friend simply from writing this blog.
41. I didn’t always mean it when I smiled at people.
42. I struggle with my self-esteem on an hourly basis.
43. Every day, I wish I was more faithful to His calling.
44. I have lived in Maryland, Texas, Arizona and California.
45. I really do think my kids are some of the best humans alive.
46. I have the best friends ever made.
47. I like my husband…and I enjoy spending time with him.
48. I often have to cross my legs when laughing in order to keep from wetting myself. (Yup. I went there.)
49. I really hope you read some of these and laugh.
50. Anyone who made it to the end of this list is my hero…really.

Listening to the hubby comment about “House” while looking up as always…

17 thoughts on “>Nifty Fifty”

  1. >Hey there! I read it and it was quite interesting!!LOL, I'm scared of the dark too!! I watched one too many horror flicks when I was younger!You want to write "really", whereas I feel the need to have 50 exclamation points after every sentence!!! See!!!!And wow….friends w/ the ex's? That is totally the Lord!!

  2. >utterly hilarious! loved it… found your blog thru another :o)I remained friends with both of my ex husbands and the current ladies in thier lives… even remain friends with all but one gentleman I've dated… life is way to short for enemies… REALLY!

  3. >Thanks for a great laugh this morning! Actually, laughing and crying all rolled into one, cuz that's a good day. I hate crying too, but it happens way to easily for me. uumm… totally got #12, made me spit out my coffee!I know where you will be Thursday night at 9pm!! #40, knowing me, if you hadn't told me last night that I made the list, I would have assumed that it was most definitley not me,but knowing what I knew, it made me tear up. Thanks for the awesome idea!! I may steal it from you some day,because well, that's what I do! Have a blessed Tuesday my friend!

  4. >Ok, you are hilarious and because of this list, I had to become a follower. Can't wait to share potty humor with you and see what other antics you're up to. Have a great week! :O)

  5. >I am so glad that I could entertain y'all…really. No, I mean it!!! :)Alicia…I hear you on the exclamations points as I find it understated to put just one. Ha – just look above at my opening greeting 🙂 As for the ex's…yes, God has been kind to me and has granted me the gift of their friendship and I am thankful as they are both beautiful women of God.Kim…welcome! I love that you found humor in it…REALLY! 🙂 Like you, I believe that life is too short and I know that altho there have been tense moments, who am I to judge someone based on a moment in our lives when we weren't showing our best selves. I know that I have many "moments" that I would hate to be made to live down for a whole lifetime!My Alicia…since there are two of you, I shall call you mine to avoid confusion. I am glad you found your number and am humbled knowing you know who Sheree and Kim are. *sigh* Hugs to you today, my friend :)Catherine Anne…thanks! You would be surprised how hard it is to think up that many things about yourself! :)Christine…an award? For me?? Well, thank you much! 🙂 YOU can come by any time…ha ha ha! I pray all y'alls day is full of joy!Bina

  6. >Hi Bina!I love your blog background, can't wait to see what you come up with next. I'm glad you mentioned that you stole this idea, so you won't get mad at me if I steal it too!I loved learning about you. Thanks for sharing.Blessings to you…

  7. >Diane…you snuck in there while I was commenting on my comments…and now you get a comment all your own! You should feel special because I guarantee you at least one of these gals will comment on how they had to get lumped with other people…ha ha. Ok maybe not…but that doesn't diminish your specialness. :)Welcome to the Pad…feel free to cut loose (…everyone else does)! 🙂

  8. >Tamika…welcome! 🙂 As for the background, give me a month or two and it will most likely change…I get bored easily. ha ha As for the idea, steal away…just let me know when it is up so I can read it. Glad you came by and I look forward to "seeing" you again soon.BinaPS – You were special too…got your own comment. I'm in trouble. 🙂

  9. >I really think you do love the word, really! I see it in your list quite a few times.My girls love the word "random" for some reason as of late.Looking forward to getting to know you me through your ever changing background blog!! 🙂

  10. >Karen…thank you for stopping by, for the compliments on the pad and for being a hero for today!! Did you hear??? I won a book from your link!!! I owe you a BIG BIG hug! 🙂 Eileen…I wish I could divorce "really" but if I did, that would mean that "…" would have to go too and that would end my writing career, however simple it may be. 🙂 Welcome and I pray I don't scare you off with change!Blessings to you both,Bina

  11. >OK, so we TOTALLY have so much in common…..including using a fan to sleep, the migraines and needing Depends on occasion. Oh, the Depends might just be *me* when I am laughing, sneezing or jumping on a trampoline. *snortThis was a BLAST to read…..and now I feel like I know you even more……really……really……really!

  12. >Michelle…now you know why I didn't take the time to comment point by point on yours. Would have literally taken me all 50 points to show how similar we are!! 🙂 Oh and, before the tabloids catch wind, I do NOT wear Depends *sigh* I just carry plastic baggies and fresh changes of BGP for those "whoops!" moments. 🙂 Huggles…Bina(I know you are scratching your head on this so: Big Girl Panties.)

  13. >L.L. ~ But it sounds so poetic if you say it just right…?? No *blush* 🙂 I am glad I could make you smile…and I smile back seeing that you were here… Wow. I sound so…sweet… almost…cute… (Sorry…gagged a little there…)Hee hee! Hugs to you, my friend.Bina

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