>I Have A Button…


…and that is all I wanted to say 🙂
Thanks so much to Oikology101 for posting these instructions!!  I found this blog with detailed instructions on a Google search and I am ever so happy now as I have wanted one for a long time but had no clue how to go about making one!  And then, having said button completed, I couldn’t help but update my blog look as I have been burning with blogger envy from viewing some of y’alls amazing blogspots. 
So, there it is. 
Me, in a nutshell: full of what was once blog-envy…and now sighing with blog-atisfaction. 
And since you (yes, YOU) have read this far…why not grab my button for your blog! I know, I know…shameless, I am 🙂
Imagining you (yes, YOU) shaking your head with a smile (and a possible eye roll) while looking up as always…


8 thoughts on “>I Have A Button…”

  1. >Thank you so much Steph for saying that one word!!! Does anyone else recall her crucifying me for my "cute" blog?! I do, and I was going to say "whoo-eee this blog sure does look CUTE now!" and then Steph beat me to it. Looking good good lookin'! I may just grab that button!

  2. >The words "cute" and "whoo-eee" do NOT belong on this blogpage. Methinks you have me corn-fuzzled with someone else…BUT I am desperate enough to take the adoration anywhere I can get it, so…Thank Ye Both So Kindly!*grumble, grumble*:)

  3. >Catherine…welcome in and thanks for the compiments. (As for the cute comment…please don't encourage the peanut gallery…tee hee hee).Faith…Thanks for popping over! And thanks for working with the other to begin to crack away at my "i-refuse-to-be-cute" wall. :)"See" you both again soon,Bina

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