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Draw Me Nearer, My Lord

O Lord, there are just days when the attempts to sit and write are overpowered by the desire to shut the mind off…to stop thinking and thereby stop feeling.  But You call me even now. You know that if I sit here to write, I will give myself over to You and Your overwhelming love. You know that my heart doesn’t have the strength to pull from You…and You also know that it has no desire to be anywhere but at Your feet, wrapped in Your warm embrace.  The truth echos in the currents of the night air…it whispers to me, trying to remind me that to focus upwards will give me the strength I crave but can’t seem to find.  It will show me how to let go of the voices that keep me tethered to the pain of my brokenness.

But even in knowing this truth, I pray that You would come quickly to save me, God.  I need Your help.  May those who seek to misjudge my heart’s intentions be put to shame and confusion.  May those who seek to threaten my reputation be turned back in disgrace.  May those who seek to say “Ha!” to my face be forced to look upon their own shame.  But I pray for all those who choose to walk with me as we seek You – may they rejoice and be glad in You.  May anyone who longs for Your salvation from the troubles of life always say “The Lord is great!”
But for me, right now, O Lord, I am so poor in spirit and I have such deep needs.  Please come quickly to me, O God.  You alone are my help and my deliverer so I need you without any delay between our hearts.
*based on Psalm 70 and the honest reflections of my heart today*
Listening to Meredith Andrew’s Draw Me Nearer while looking up as always…



5 thoughts on “Draw Me Nearer, My Lord”

  1. >That was beautiful Sabine! I've felt so lost today that words could not even describe it. I've felt like my body is being broken and given to those who will only mock and laugh at my wanting and needing to huddle my children close to me and keep them safe. What you wrote is a true reflection of what I've been trying to tell God, I just didn't know how to put into words. I read like a prayer and I pray He heard me. I love you too my wonderful friend!

  2. >…words can't describe the love that I have for a Father who can take my broken heart and turn into your prayer!! You and I are "odd friends" by the worlds standards…and yet to Him who sits above, we are just His daughters…sisters by His blood. I am glad He could use it…for us both. Much love…

  3. >Praying always for you my dear friend. Your raw emotion never ceases to amaze me. Your faith encourages. Your strength offers hope. Your brokenness allows trust. much love today

  4. >Thank you for your faithful encouragement, my Blogdie. I am amazed at how God worked this out for us…but I am so happy that He did. I love David…always has. He was so raw, so real and so blatant about his emotions…am just thankful for a God that lets me make his words mine when I can't find any to express my heart. Love sent back to you!

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