Being A Mom, Birthday Wishes

A MLT Sandwich…

It was the year 2000 when God reached down and changed the course of my life.  I was a 24 year old divorcee with three children.  I was living with my parents…again…  I was dead inside, having walked away from the grace and mercy of God’s saving grace…not intentionally, but just in the way I was living my life.  I was a little girl, playing grown-up…but with all the real life pressures that came with the “adult” title.  I was a complete and total mess trying to pretend that I was ok.  I was lost.

God did a lot that year to get my attention: 
* He gave me friends that made me smile…and not just smile on the outside, but really smile with all my heart and soul. 
* He gave me a church that was warm and safe enough for me to drop the walls of self-protection just long enough to hear His call to my heart.
* He gave my heart a desire to really live.
* He began to re-introduced my soul to interaction, feelings and love.
* And, last but most certainly not least, He gave me a man that swept into my life like a whirlwind…  This man carried enough love, laughter, life and faith in his heart to take on not only the cracked pot that I was, but also to take on the care and feeding of my three babies.  He was my prince in shining armor sent from heaven above…and as he strolled into my life, he carried on his arm a precious little girl with a contagious smile and the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen.

It is hard to believe that it has been 9 years since I met the sweet cherub that He placed in my life and my care…but as I just wrapped up a night spent holding her, brushing her hair and watching an old Disney flick in celebration of the day of her birth ~ I know that with all the ups and downs we have faced as a family, my life has been made more wonderful… more complete because of this sweet girl who calls me S’Mom. 

MLT ~ you didn’t come from my tummy, but you will forever be in my heart!

I praise God for you and for all that He allows me to be in your life!
Happy 12th birthday, BabyStinkFace!!
Looking up as always…

1 thought on “A MLT Sandwich…”

  1. I love it that we both refer to the Mr's as Prince Charming. I've done that for over 32 years!!! True True True!!!

    Love ya,

    The Other Mrs. Prince Charming

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