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There are many characters in the Bible that I have heard about so often that sometimes, when they are mentioned, I stop listening.

I know, I know. It is a horrible thing to admit to…but it is true. When you’ve heard the same stories over and over, you actually think you know all that there is to know about them and you find yourself zoning out at the drop of their name. I am sure, tho, that I can’t be the only one who has done this…right??? (anyone…anyone???)

So as I sit and work on a careful examination of one such Biblical character for a writing assignment, I find that there is an aspect to her that I never saw before. I probably shouldn’t be, but I find myself amazed to realize that I have a lot in common with this particular gal…that we both have made some of the same “fatal” errors in thinking and that we have both walked similar roads. Granted, hers was a road I would never wish to have to even cross over, much less walk down…but I find that we have had areas in which the pain in our lives have “intersected”; where feelings have collided with reality, only to leave our hearts gasping for breath while they seemingly drown with sorrow.

BUT…in the midst of such wonderful revalations, I am so frustrated! I feel like I know her…like I get her in a way that I never thought possible…so why can’t I get it out on paper??? I really think that, had we both been alive at the same time, we could have been great friends…so what is it that I am stumbling over in my mind that keeps me from being able to express what I see in her???

Out of all the hurdles I have had to jump, I think that writer’s block is one of the ones that I hate the most! Not because it is the hardest one to get over, but because it is the most frustrating!! You KNOW you have the ability to express yourself only to find that when you sit down to say it, nothing comes out…

Looking up as always…


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